We Help For

We Help For



Matoshree has been a significant leader in disaster response and recovery for more than 12 years. We serve all those impacted by disasters. Over the past year our member-volunteers helped look for missing persons, aid in body recovery searches, carried out disaster preparedness training, acted as a force multiplier to other agencies during peak events, and continue to develop our services.



Today, Matoshree foundation focuses on every sector of cancer. It is creating awareness about its symptoms and chemotherapy procedures or helping educate the kids who are cancer survivors. All in all, we believe your hope and help from the near ones give you enough courage to face adversity in its face.
VISION: Create a conscious environment to fight cancer by inculcating a habit of regular cancer checkups. To educate all the segments of society about the implications of the disease through affordable campaigns..


Matoshri Foundation is been working for different social causes, and the one of the important part of our society is child education which is not up to the mark where we accept people sending their kids to school but when it comes to the people from slums and poor families they cannot afford to send their kids to educate , and we have witnessed those kids been sent to work, and another virtual thinking of our society is that the school won’t allow the kids effected by different abnormalities. as where they are suppose to give fanancial support to these kind of kids and give them a normal life.


Indians across the nation would walk down to the local stream or river to collect drinking water, wash their clothes, take a bath or just swim and enjoy themselves. Today, doing anything of this sort is out of the question and can have serious health consequences.Like many other rivers around the world, India’s rivers – which have always been given a position of sanctity in the culture – have become polluted bodies of water. They are the lifelines of the nation, and the future of India is in many ways tied to the health of our rivers.Since 1998 Matoshree foundation is been working for cleaning revers and therefore they are able to save may lives.

Various Projects Submitted

Various Projects Submitted

1. 208 CR Project submitted to the World Bank

2. Central Govt. of India
  a. AIDS Program, KHPT, Pune
 b. Implementation of Adolescent Girls Scheme.
 c. To provide supplementary food of high quality to vulnerable groups particularly preschool children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
 d. To organize Seminar, workshop under scheme for assistance for Exchange programmer of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy.
 e. National AIDS control Organization (NACO)
 f. Ambulance – Normal Donation for IHO’s recommendations.
 g. Voluntary Organizations under National Cancer Control Programme.

3. We made a Project for approval CBDT (US 12A, 80G and FCRA)1500CR Project.

Key Events Organised

Free Medical Services during Natural Calamities i.e. Regular flood affected zone of Kolhapur, Sangli & Belgaum Dist. Since 2005.
 we starting a job against Gram Swatchta and and River swatchta. our mission is to stop cancer, cure cancer and totally washout cancer.
 Awareness program for Female Feticide are organized every year.
 Aids awareness camp to the Primary and Secondary students, approved by School Educational Ministry of Govt. of Maharashtra.
 Free Medical Services and medicines for Latur, Killari earth quack affected area.  Sugarcane factory workers check-up camps and their children education camps.
 Gram Swachhata Abhiyan.  Free Medical camps in the slum areas.  Press Reporters and Police staff check-up camp.
 Provided medical and educational service to Orphanage, handicap and disabled students in Shirol Taluka.
 To maintain healthy environment among women society various activities such as Bachat Gat, Cultural activities were arranged.
 Income generation trainings for disabled persons and women – Vocational trainings are given for disabled persons and women in various trades like Tailoring, Basket making, Photography etc. About 1250 persons with disabilities have been covered through these trainings.
 And many more…….